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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Assalamualaikum ...
Anyeong haseyo to everyone!!!
Who love banana????
If you do..that was a great choice,,
Well for me my interest to Banana was so-so
If there is a banana, I will eat
But if there are none, i will never search for it
Since it offer lots of benefit 
I think I should teach myself to eat more 
(P.s : Thats why my Mr. someone like to eat banana:) )

ok... simple and easy..
I hope all of u understand and try to love banana more...
Banana milk shake with yogurt,,, yummy!!

till then....
Gud bye to all.....
thanxx for stopping by!!


  1. kita suka pisang,Pernah dulu banana mix dengan ais batu, coklat susu, yogurt, blend..pergh sedap

  2. kiter dlm poses mencintai pisang.. :)


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