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Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Instead of leaving her at that shabby house, 
Kim Tan decided to pull over and take Eun Sang home.
Eun Sang had to agree with him since she had nowhere to go.

Upon arrive at Kim Tan house , Eun Sang was so amazed with that big house 
since Kim Tan live there alone.
Kim Tan send her to one of the room in that big house.

She was so hungry and try to search for food. 
Later on Tan brought sandwich to her.
She want to give a money but Tan refuse.
She then give Tan a dream catcher which she
brought together with her.

She wake up in the morning after a deep sleep.
She was so mesmerized by the morning scenery at Tan's house.

Tan was staring at her since she was such a bright girl.
It is a while before she realize his glance.

Tan take her to his school since she want to see how 
international student study

Eun Sang wait outside while Tan was in class.

When he finish with class, he quickly search for her but she was not there.
It turn out that she went to check for other student activities 
and envy korean student who study there.

Meanwhile in Korea, Young Do had to go under a training as 
a low worker before he take over his father hotel.
He of course rebel and hate his father way of teaching so much.
He then meet with one of his school friend 
who came to his hotel with other businessmen. 

Eun Sang try to persuade Kim Tan to let her used his cellphone so 
that she can leave message to her friend , Yoon Chan Young
so that he will come and rescue her.
He did let her leave message on SNS and asked her to go home first because he want to 
take his car which he left at the place where they meet her sister's boyfriend.

On the way to that place , Kim Tan read Eun Sang status from her SNS ,
since she did not log out.
He then know that she dislike Jeguk Group, his father's company.
But he wonder why does she hate Jeguk Group so much .

When Eun Sang reach Kim Tan's house, 
she was so shock to see the girl who she meet at the airport.
She was Kim Tan fiancee, Rachel.
Rachel treat Eun Sang so badly and she throw her luggage down the stairs,
and rummaging her luggage to see if she steal anything from Kim Tan's house.
Then she chase Eun Sang away,

Eun Sang went out as requested since she know that she does not belong there.
But then she realize that she had to go back there to take the phone number
of  the police officer who took her passport away.

When she reach Tan's house , 
Rachel lie to her that she already threw away the phone number.
She quickly went to the garbage bin to search for it.
Luckily , Tan came to her and gave the passport to her 
which the police officer hand over to him at the time he went to take his car.

Thats when out of nowhere the gangster came to search for Tan 
and they have to run hand in hand to avoid that thugs.

They end up running inside a cinema hall.
and that was the time when Tan suddenly blurt out something 
that is hard for Eun Sang to believe.

What did he actually say to her ??
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    1. tak kira. tak kira dowload jugak. Kalo dekat ni dah pegi umah bawak pendrive kasi terus fail yg kak dh download... nak paksa jugak sally tengok.. bukan sally ja nak paksa semua orang tengok hehehehe

    2. hahaha...iolss tgh berminat kat yong hwa punya drama je..haha..yg lain nanti dulu la..even ada Min Hyuk kan!

    3. min hyuk comel sangat hokey dalam nii.. akak pon tergoda.. alahh apa salah nya tengok dua sekali,,, tak nak ganggu mood loving kat yonghwa ke.. Lee Min Ho comel gila kot dalam ceta ni . kak dok tengokkkk pon rasa syok seniri.. maklumlah pelakon pempuan tu kan akak.... *perasan dok bayang macam pelakon tu* hehe

  2. Kalau dah kena dgn heroin yg sy minat..pasti dah tgok ni =) xsgka plak diorang blkon kt luar ngara..downld bt ape kak?? bkn kt astro ada ke citer ni??

    1. astro lambat!! bukan start pon lagiii baru dok iklan.. lagipon malam2 ayah dok layan al hijrah ja fais oi ,, masa bila kak boleh nak tgk ceta nii.. alamat nya gigit jari makan hati... ^_^

  3. perempuan tu ada berlakon dalam cerita he's beautiful kan? hee


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