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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


After the incident at the cinema, both Kim Tan and Eun Sang
went out to go back home.
Eun Sang was so amazed the Hollywood Alphabet on top of the hill
in front of her which she always see from the movie 
she used to watch.
Kim Tan told her even it look close but its actually far 
and promise her he will bring her there .

When they reach Kim Tan's home,
Eun Sang luggage was already outside which 
was brought out by his fiancee , Rachel Yoo.
Kim Tan quickly take the luggage inside the house.

Eun Sang was so eager to know if Chan Young already reply to her.
Kim Tan's finally tell her that he had reply but didn't show 
the message to her yet.
He then received a phone call from Mr Yoon telling him to
attend a small gathering with American business partner of his father
 at an orchard which situated far from his home.
His hyung (older brother) will be there too.
Kim Tan had  ready to go for that occasion.
He then tell Eun Sang that he will take her to Hollywood next time.
At the same time his foreign friend came.
Kim Tan had no choice but to take Eun Sang with her,
as he did not trust Eun Sang to be left alone with his friend..

They went to that place which are far away from home.
That place was kind of isolated and the road there
was so dangerous and even have cliff .
A small mistake then they will end up in the sea.

They arrive at that place and Kim Tan asked
Eun Sang to take a look around until he came back.
He said that he will not going to take a long time and
he may be kick out of there without even joining the occasion.
When he arrived he saw his brother there.
He was so happy but hesitate to get closer.
But then when Kim Won noticed Kim Tan ,
he came to Kim Tan and asked him to go somewhere else to talk.
He seem not really happy to see Kim Tan there.

Mean while Eun Sang was enjoying her visit to the orchard.
What type of fruit , can't describe.
She was so happy to be there while enjoying the sight.
At the same time, Kim Won and Kim Tan was there too.
Kim Tan was so happy to see his brother for the 1st
time after 3 years separated .
But his brother started to get angry with him telling
that he was not supposed to be there so why coming ?
Then he left him there blankly without even giving a hug .
Kim Tan was so disappointed ..
Eun Sang overheard their conversation unexpectedly.
Eun Sang pitied him so much .
She at first though he was in danger and thats why she was
there eavesdropping their conversation.
Kim Tan said to her that he was in danger all the time she was there.
At that time Eun Sang saw Kim Tan's side which she
were not supposed to see at all.
He was a rich boy yet lonely at the same time.
On the way back , Kim Tan asked EunSang to forget
everything she heard and pretend nothing happen..
While talking to her , he lose control over his car
when suddenly a falling rock was all over the road unexpectedly.
He tried to avoid it and end up on the side of the road
with a tyre stuck in a sand .
They tried to get help but since that place was isolated ,
there were no line coverage.
So Kim Tan asked Eun Sang tu push his car while he
press to reverse but failed.
So they decided to walk and search for help.
They finally found the motel which also had a bar , 
and a tow service but only operate the next day.
Without any choice , they had to stay overnight there.
They bought a new shirt to wear which are almost like couple shirt,
written " I love California"
They spend their time eating together at the bar,
chating and suddenly Eun Sang about to fell and Kim Tan
was there to save her.
And that was the romantic moment between them...
so so sweet..
After eating, its bedtime.
Eun Sang choose to sleep on a sofa while Kim Tan on bed.
She was trying to sleep but Kim Tan disturb her sleep and asked her 
to wait for him to sleep first.
She then felt asleep while sitting on a sofa.
Kim Tan went to her and put her to sleep properly.
As soon as Kim Tan and Eun Sang arrived home the other day,
Chan Young appeared and thats make Eun Sang smile.
It turn out that Rachel Yoo was the person who gave the
address to Chan Young.
Eun Sang then went back to Chan Young place.
As soon as she arrived at Chan Young place she asked him
to take her to Travel agent to buy flight ticket.
But Chan Young asked her to take it slow and brought her
to town to have some fun and eat.
That was the time when she saw " I Love California" shirt
which remind her of Kim Tan .
Meanwhile , Kim Tan was so bored at home,
since she get used of having Eun Sang around.
He then saw the pic Chan Young post on SNS 
and he feel so annoyed with the pic.
He went to her fiance and asked her to go out with him
to the exact same place.
Rachel suggested Kim Tan to go to his favourite place 
but he refused since he feel that Eun Sang was there.
He told Eun Sang about that place at the time they stay overnight.
Rachel still want to go there and they meet with those two there.
Rachel start to talk nonsense.
She even mention Bo Na was once Kim Tan Girlfriend.
Bo Na was Chan Young girlfriend now.
And suddenly she accused Eun Sang for always want to hang out with
a guys whose already taken.
Kim Tan then take Rachel out of there to stop her from
blabbing more and more ..
so Rachel went back to the hotel when she meet with Kim Won.
She had a crush on Kim Won when she was young.
She tag along with him to go to his mother cemetery
since she was bored to spend her time alone at the hotel.
Meanwhile in Korea , Young Do was having a hard time with his father.
He then lose to his father in a battle.

When Kim Tan got home, he call Chan Young so
that he can talk to Eun Sang .
When Chan Young told Eun Sang that Kim Tan want her
to call him back Eun Sang refuse.
She said she will not going to meet him again so 
whats the point of calling.
Kim Tan was waiting for Eun Sang to call him so desperately
but she never called until the end.
But later when he saw Eun Sang sock which
she kind of forgot to pack inside her luggage , 
he smiled again.
Eun Sang went to Kim Tan's school and left a note there.
It is time for her to depart.

Rachel Yoo will also depart back to Korea at the same day.
Kim Tan went to airport to send her .
Rachel then hugged Kim Tan and he let her.
At that time Eun Sang arrived and she saw them hugging
Eun Sang look away and took of from that place when suddenly
Kim Tan shouting her name without
caring about Rachel who still hugging him
Eun Sang was so shock and she stop her step and.........

To be continue :)


  1. lain lee min ho die rambut. aduh melting. haha

    1. selalu nya lain drama lain la rambut nya. paling comel rasa nya dalam ceta faith tu kot :)

  2. pheww handsome giler lee min hoo >_<
    nak tengok cerita niiiii huwaa

    1. kan kan memang hensem gila ... hati melompat2 bila tengok citer ni :)

  3. yeayyy.. akak mmg best.. aefa suke baca sinopsis before tgk cite. sinopsis tu wat aefa lebih excited nak tgk huhuhu

    1. weeee.. tq sudi baca sinopsis ni ye aefa,,, ^_^

  4. siap review lg =) pasti ramai kn yg minat citer ni

    1. of course la fais. fais pon mesti tgk gak kan :)

  5. bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..nak cari laa citer ni huhu

    1. cari jangan tak cariii ,,, umi wajib tengok ceta ni memang besttt

  6. Baru baca da xcited...belom tgk lg...
    Cute betol dorg ni

    1. hehehhee... tengok lagi la excited hehehehe :)


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