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Sunday, 27 October 2013


Anyeonghaseyo beautiful people.
Lets continue with synopsis for episode 4
Kim Tan called out Eun Sang name when she saw her about to leave .
Eun Sang stop her step, and Kim Tan leave Rachel Yoo blankly there
to talk to Eun Sang.
He then asked Eun Sang why she didnt call and ask her to 
give her phone number but she refused.
She said ,"I have already said goodbye to you and thankful for
your kindness. Don't come and asked for my phone number when your fiance was there
waiting for you"
Then she leave him there to go to departure hall.
Rachel was not satisfied with the incident between her fiance and Eun Sang.
She then went to Eun Sang seat and take her Custom Declaration Form.
She said she had a bad feeling that both of them will meet again 
since she saw something in Kim Tan's face when Eun Sang left .
She suspect there is something going on between them.
Upon her arrival, Yeong Do who was going to be her step brother ,
came to pick Rachel up.
They had a small argument on the way back and
Yeong Do was very angry ,he asked the driver to stop the car 
and left him in the middle of the journey.
Eun Sang arrived at her house and she was so shock to see
that her house was empty and her mother was not there.
Eun Sang then asked her neigbour and she told her that
her mother has moved to Jeguk Group house a while ago.
She was so frustrated .
Meanwhile in LA, Kim Tan missed Eun Sang so much.
He felt so lonely to be alone again.
Kim Won girlfriend work as tutor at Lee Hyo Sin house.
Hyo Sin was Kim Tan's old friend and he was broadcasting member at school.
Meanwhile Kim Won was planning to surprise her with a ring
but since she didn't pick her phone, he buy a necklace instead.

Eun Sang arrive at Jeguk Group family house.
She meet with her mother and her mother told her that her sister
already called her mother and tell everything that happen in L.A
Eun Sang was so mad that her mother didn't say anything and her
mother said what else can she say when she is mute.
Her mother then promise her she would talk to the madam of the house
to give permission to her to stay there too.

Eun Sang mother then black mail the madam of the house that she will
tell the master about what she heard her madam talk on phone when she went down to take 
the wine from the wine room.
Eun Sang mother then give her madam a condition that is
 to let Eun Sang stay in the house
to keep her mouth shut and she agree.. 

On her first day at Jeguk Group household,
Eun Sung witness a quarrel between the madam of the house and
the legal wife of Jeguk Group Chairman.
As told in episode one the madam of the house was Kim Tan's birth mother,
while the legal wife was Kim Tan's mother in family registered.

Eun Sang send the medicine and water to chairman room .
That was the first time she meet with the chairman aka Kim Tan's father.
The chairman found out that Kim Tan didn't have a chance to meet
with the people at the gathering and knows whose to blame.
He then told Kim Won that he was planning to bring Kim Tan back.
Kim Won was disturbed by his father intention.
Meanwhile in L.A , Kim Tan is still feeling lonely.
He want to comeback to Korea so badly
Kim Tan's mother aka the madam of the house tell Eun Sang 
to not sell the stories that happen inside the house to outsider.
She made Eun Sang unhappy by saying she did not worried about Eun Sang
mother since she was mute.
In that house, they settle in a very small room which used to be a room for ironing clothes.
Eun Sang was very upset that they have to live a very poor life like that.
Her mother doesn't have anything left with her after giving everything to her sister.
Thats why they have to leave the house they used to live before.

Eun Sang start her part time job again.
She work so hard to earn a lot of money so that they will move out of Jeguk Group
house very soon.
Meanwhile in LA, Kim Tan is still thinking whether to come back or not.
He went to school but he didnt read the note Eun Sang left.
Eun Sang remembered the moment she was with Kim Tan
when she see the I love california t-shirt.
But she didnt let her guard loose.
She knew that she will never ever see Kim Tan again.
She called Chan Young to return the money she owed.

Finally , Kim Tan made up his mind.
He decided to return to Korea on his own demand.
He write in a book which he hand over to his professor that 
" The One who wants the crown bear the crown"
With that words as a courage, he came back to Korea safely.

Mr Yoon , Chan Young's father welcome him at the airport.
He went to see his brother , Kim Won first before he went home.
Knowing that Kim Tan will be home forever ,
Kim Won was very angry.
He then move out of the house and stay at the hotel.
At home , Kim Tan was also welcome by his parent so warmly.
His father chat and asked him about school and stuff.
Then he retired to his room.
He then hang the dream catcher which Eun Sang give to him back in LA
for thankful token.

Even though Kim Tan was in the same house with Eun Sang ,
both of them didn't even know the fact.
Eun Sang update her SNS by uploading her flight ticket and say 
that all her memories in LA were just like a dream.

Kim Tan feel very strange that morning when he saw a sneaker 
which look like something he saw from before.
He then feel so weird when he feel like he just saw a shadow of a young girl
inside his house.
Eun Sang know that Jeguk Group 2nd son finally came back.
But she never see his face.

Eun Sang mother woke her up at the early morning so that he
could go outside since the situation in the house feel very tense because
the older son move out of the house.
She went to convenient store and meet with Yeong Do.
But she is too busy sleeping that she didn't notice him at all.
Yeong Do feel a little attracted to her character.

Chan Young also came back to Korea and he went to Bo Na's
father's recording company to meet her.
She was so happy that her boyfriend came back home but
when suddenly Chan Young bring up the fact that he meet with Kim Tan
in LA. She feel very much upset.
She was afraid that Chan Young will found out that Kim Tan
was her ex boyfriend and she thought Kim Tan were
still in love with her and afraid that he will hurt Chan Young.
She doesn't know that Chan Young already know about her past
relationship with Kim Tan.

Kim Tan saw the status at Eun Sang SNS account.
He then write a comment while using the same account because
he didn't log out since the last time.
If people read, its look like Eun Sang was talking to herself.
They argue a little without knowing they were in the same place.
But they didn't meet because when Kim Tan came out of the house
Eun Sang went in.

He went to rest at the garden.
On the way there he meet with Eun Sang mother and feel so weird to see 
the shirt Eun Sang's mother wore.
But then he thought maybe that was just a coincidence.
Meanwhile inside the house Eun Sang saw her sock
wear by madam of the house.
She feel so weird and thought maybe she just bought the same sock.
Eun Sang's mother pick the wrong wine and 
Eun Sang said she will take care of the wine from now on
since she don't want her mother to be insult by that woman again.

She went inside the wine room and was so amazed with the
way the rich treat the wine...
The room was better than the one she and her mother stay.
She walk behind Kim Tan and Kim Tan suddenly turn around and saw 
her back and feel so weird.
Kim Tan was outside waiting for her to reply on SNS.

He then went inside of the house and asked her mother if
he was possessed as he always saw the girl with a long hair. 
His mother then told him that the person he saw was their maid's daughter.
Her name was Cha Eun Sang.
He was so shock and still want to check whether that Eun Sang was
the same Eun Sang he know.
He then asked her where she was through her SNS and she said she was drinking water.
He went to the kitchen and sneak peak at the door and saw her.
And that Eun Sang was really her.
The girl he felt for..... To be continued!


  1. nak download ni but takdak site lagi pasal this drama. now dah ep 7 or 8 i guess. if ada site untuk downld this drama, please inform me :)

    1. skrg dh episode 6 dear, ^_^ dh pon bagi link untuk download ^_^

  2. wahhh..best eh criter nie..ila lum pernah tgk lagi =)


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