Amalan pemakanan Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014

Anyeonghaseyo beautiful people all around the world...........
Hari ni Liya nak kongsikan amalan pemakanan Miss USA 2014 , Nia Sanchez.......
Mana tau kan kot-kot kalau kita ikut boleh lah turun badan sekilo dua...
Lately rasa nya berat ni macam dah naik la.......... Aduh stress sangat-sangat ^_^
Haaaa.. makan banyak lagi pastu mula la nak bising kan.......

Ini lah dia Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014 dari Nevada.
Tanpa membuang masa jom terjah...........

Fresh Juice 

“I really like to make juices. It’s so easy and healthy at same time. I do kale, spinach, apple, pineapple, and celery and mix it all together,” she says. “I love sugar so this quenches my sweet tooth while still being good for you.”

Green Tea.

“I do green tea almost every morning, and chamomile tea at night,” she says. “And of course, lots and lots of water.”


“I’m definitely a breakfast girl. I have to eat right when I wake up. I love a hearty breakfast like eggs, oatmeal, and fresh fruit,” she says. “I’ll do scrambled egg whites with peppers and seasoning salt, and sprinkle some cheese on top. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a little bacon in as well.”

Chicken , Veggies and Rice

“For lunch or dinner, I’ll usually have green beans or broccoli with some kind of lean meat like chicken, tuna, or turkey. For carbs, I’ll make sweet potatoes or brown rice,” she says. “I always just make sure to have all my main food groups in there: protein, veggies, and carbs.”


“I always carry almonds with me, and they have to be salted. I have to have a little extra flavor,” she says. “They’re so good to have on the go. I like to make my food ahead of time, so they’re perfect. If I can’t get almonds, I’ll substitute little tuna packets because they’re also so easy to take with you as a healthy snack.”

Protein Shake

“Protein shakes make another great snack. I love vanilla so I can throw in strawberries or I’ll make it with bananas and nutmeg,” she says. “It’s so yummy and fulfilling.”


“I really enjoy making enchiladas, especially when I have friends, family, or my boyfriend over,” she says. “I try to keep it healthy with chicken and I use whole wheat tortillas instead of the regular. I also lighten up on the cheese. I just love making healthy dishes.”

Cookie Dough 

“When I was training for Miss USA, I had five meals a day and would work out once a day, but I would have to have my sweets,” she says. “I know it’s so terribly bad for you, but I love raw cookie dough chunks. I have a strong sweet tooth. If I’m at a restaurant, I won’t hesitate ordering the warm cookie with the vanilla ice cream on top.”

Senang ja kan cara pemakanan dia ... So boleh lah kita pakat-pakat try nanti kan..
Even miss world pon makan nasik kan.
so xdak masalah la kalau kita nak makan nasik pon .. ^_^
Ok bye

source : Shape !


  1. makan banyak tetapi berkhasiat.. patutla dinobatkan sbg miss USA.. memang cantik pun..

    1. ya betol tu fiza jom pakat2 amal ^_^

  2. didiey nk ikut diet atkins :)

    1. ini pon belom tentu ikut hehe.. share tak pa ja kan walaupon tak ikut

  3. Makan sikit punya sihat patut ah badan pun cantik je T.T Nad nak jaga susah betul

  4. sega..body pun pehh tip top! wuu T_T

  5. hebatnya dia..
    makanan pun berkhasiat je...
    kalau miza ni asyik nak benda bergoreng je..huhuu

  6. mmg tak terikut lah kakak hang ni kalau diet serupa model.. hahahaha


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