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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


heyloooo... this is loose powder that i am currently using and i just love it !! it really suit my taste ! i used to wear compact powder before but since i am so attached to using bb cream rite now , i decided to change from compact powder to this loose powder. at 1st i thought this loose powder is kind of too fair for me.. but after applying it to my bb cream face , it blend smoothly and the result is satisfying ^_^

see ?? its kind of fair but actually its not how its look like... :)
plan view... the view from up above

see the sponge ?? its so cute and very smooth.... make it easy to apply to ur face :)
the packaging is kind of bulky but who cares ?? as long as it give u the completely amazing finished..

the label below  ... :) kind of blurry,,, 

tada!!! here is the result ... i am wearing it rite now and i am so happy ! satisfaction guaranteed.

it actually had 4 shades :
#10 transparent
#21 skin beige
#23 natural beige
#40 lavender


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    1. hye,, thanxx sebab follow.. :) will follow back. follow blog akak yang ni jugak ye,, http://mystiquelolita3298.blogspot.com (yg ni selalu update)


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