Assalamualaikum……………. oh my god. Oh my god. How frustrated to write the same thing again and again when suddenly your draft had been deleted accidentally and to my surprise I had been clumsily go out of the draft without knowing I can undo the mistake. So here I am now learning a mistake and writing in Words instead. LOL. So lets get back to work.

Women always remember how their husband propose them. So was Sun Woo. She remember every bit. Lee Tae Oh propose her while she is at work with a song singing from his car audio. The song call “My one and only” . That night of course Sun Woo said YES. She was brought to tears by the sincerity of her husband.

Thats how frustrated she would be to see his husband slamming of the door just to go to his girlfriend home, Da Kyeong. He promised to take care of her and stuff. She demanded him to prove it. She want to see him whenever she want and call him at anytime. She don’t want to hide it anymore. She said she will decide if she want to keep the baby or not. She just want Tae Oh to stay because he love her.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr Seul came to Ji Sun Woo first thing in the morning to asked whats her intention telling her husband about Da Kyeong’s pregnancy. She said she want to see who her husband will choose . He was the father to the child Da Kyeong carried so he must know and be responsible for it. She also said she want her husband to choose her not because of their only son Jun Young but because of her herself.

The exact same day, the doctor from her mother in law Care Home called Ji Sun Woo as her mother in law health worsen. Her mother in law begged her to always take care of her son with broad mind. As if she knew something was going on between them. He said men will eventually get their act together then if we care for them. (Really?well for me I think they will be like that once they are old ,LOL)

Da Kyeong went to meet with Dr Seul that night to inform her she didn’t want the abortion anymore.

Upon arriving home after coming back from her mother in law Care Home , Ji Sun Woo was so astonished to see her husband cook for dinner. He promised to be good to her and will be more attentive to her. She believe him. Only for that instance.

Earlier before, Tae Oh meet with Dr Seul at a cafe. Dr Seul asked him who will he choose. To her surprise, he said he love both of them and can’t let any of them go.

Past midnight that day, Tae Oh received a message from Da Kyeong . He went outside of their room without knowing his wife was still up. She feel betrayed again.

The next morning she went straight to the attorney and demand for a divorce. The attorney said she must get a prove and evidence first for they will need them to pursuit with the divorced. The attorney asked for a video, picture or any evidence that can be used .He also want her once she saw her husband on bed with someone else, the thing will never be the same again. Ji Sun Woo lost her mind for a while. She feel nausea to even imagine it.

Jun Young was chattering with his friend about her divorced parent.She was Jang Mi Hyun’s daughter, his father’s secretary. He asked her how was her feeling after her parent divorced and stuff. Ye rim who had been their tutor heard their conversation and asked her husband Je Hyuk if Sun Woo actually already know about Lee Tae Oh behaviour. She told her husband that women had crazy intuition which man will never ever imagine. (To be honest yes it is. Women turn to be a detective and even FBI when it came to investigate about their spouse. LOL)

The exact same day Hyun Soo went to see Dr Ji Sun Woo for ther forehead’s cut treatment. She asked her when will she leave that man as she already left hers. Sun Woo said getting a divorce is not that easy. Hyun Soo offered her held if she need any. That was the time when Ji Sun Woo thought of her being a spy.

Ji Sun Woo went to bank to checked her account and Lee Tae Oh’s company accounts suggested by the attorney. He was so astounded to see that his husband had been embezzled the money and they also had an overdue account from the loan his husband made without her consent. The company was about to sink just because of his action. He even used his son security money without her knowing . To her surprise, he even used the money to buy fancy and luxurious bag for that crappy girl using company fund.

Jun young was so startled to hear the sound from down stair. He went down to see his mother was torn apart . He said to his mom but he does not want to end up just like his friends who lost many friends in the process of her parent divorced.

That night Ji Sun Woo received a message from Tae oh telling her he will be coming home late. With angry heart ,Sun Woo went to Tae Oh office and to her disbelief the really did work late that day. She was so embarrass because everyone was there, Tae Oh workers. It was so frustrated not to be able to do anything even though you know well your husband is cheating .

So she went back and straight to her mother in law Care Home to talk to her that night. She said to her mother about her father in law also had another woman and how he had hate him for the rest of her life but still demanding her to stay with his son. Her mother in law knew about the scandal all along. Sun Woo told her that the girl already pregnant and also told her she will get a divorced. Her mother in law said her son is tired living a mighty woman like her and she was so heart broken for her son. So she want to blame Ji Sun Woo for all her son action. Her mother in law said Sun Woo couldn’t do that unless after she died.Sun Woo said to her she should stay alive to see that.

The next day Je Hyuk went to meet Dr Ji Sun Woo with his blood test result. He had high cholestrol. He was always jealous of Tae Oh for having a great wife like Sun Woo. They did discuss about Tae Oh business and how Tae Oh struggled to get investor. Je Hyuk offered himself a drink friend if she needs one.

Tae Oh’s mother died that day . He was so sad for her sudden death without knowing her mother had meet with her wife the other night.

Lee Da Kyeong called Tae Oh many time but didn’t get any reply. She then knew from her parent that his mother died. So she quickly went there. Alone.

The ceremony for her mother went well. Tae Oh was so miserable. His fellows friend was talking about how Sun Woo did not need to pay for the Care Home fee anymore. Je Hyuk asked them to stop as its not appropriate to talk about it there.

Sun Woo asked her husband to get his act together as there is so many people who will come to visit them. Its include Mr Yeo, his potential investor. He entertain him for a drink. Sun Woo was so suffocated to see how her husband try hard to treat that man and went out to get some clean air.

Da Kyeong called Tae Oh as soon as she get there, So he went out to see that girl without his wife knowing. They were hugging and kissing inside the car. At first it was a comfort for the loss of his mother but then the kiss turn to lustful kiss.

Since both of them went out, all the guess are waiting to see them. Jun Young tell Jae Hyuk and Jae Hyuk went out to search for them. His wife send a message to Sun Woo telling her the guess is flowing in and asking for them. Jae Hyuk went out to search for them.

Without Tae Oh knowing, her wife was watching his act . And imagine the same song , the propose song was played that time. Sun Woo actually tailed him there. She was about to turn away from tailing him but stop the moment she hear the song. Sun Woo was so frustrated and sad to see the unwanted scene.

Jae Hyuk was watching from a far how frustrated Sun Woo had become that night.

Lee Tae Oh’s mother was cremated and the funeral went well. Ji Sun Woo was overflowed with her feeling as she remembered what happen last night. She was so frustrated with her husband without even remembered to comfort him at all. But remembering the attorney words, which she must lay low for a while and pretend nothing happen make her stop her action and waiting for a sweet revenge.

Meanwhile Hyun Soo move in next door to Da Kyeong house as a spy. She went to Da Kyeong house to introduce herself and she became fond of her since Hyun Soo said she was pregnant too.

To be Continue……………………………………………

Moral of the Story for this episode :
Women can do anything if she put her heart in to it. Woman can make something no man can ever imagine. Man will never predict the power of a woman. That’s how strong woman is Man should not underestimated.

Whoever the woman is, she just want to be loved. Loved because of her herself not because of something else…


Here is the link for Episode 1 if u have not read yet!

Assalamualaikum....So lets talk about episode 2 of this tragic drama . Let me ask you something. What is the first thing that you would do if you caught your spouse cheating ? Well of course you feel like KILLING him right . So was Ji Sun Woo. She aggressively wanting to kill him but end up not killing him at all. Instead she was being romantic with her husband by kissing him in front of all the audience who gathered at the birthday ceremony . She was doing that on purpose for that crap girl who was her husband scandal to see and its not surprising at all that she was so jealous. So, SunWoo mission accomplish for this time. 

In the middle of the party that night , Lee Tae Oh had an argument with Je Hyuk over some matters regarding married life. How a man can only sleep with one woman for the rest of his life. Tae Oh give Jae Hyuk a punch in the face. 

Sun Woo try to cover her feeling not wanting to make it look obvious .She make an excuse for  not feeling so well that day and tell her husband she want to go back home .  Sun Woo finally went home with a broken heart. She then pack all her husband belonging in a luggage. She want to break up that night. She put down their family photo for its not bearable to see its on a wall anymore.
Meanwhile Lee Da Kyeong was so furious after seeing the two romantic couple kissing and Lee Tae Oh try to comfort her without knowing Sun Woo was looking from afar that time. They went somewhere far from the crowd and after a few argument, it end with a lustful kisses. He said all his love for Sun Woo was an act and Da Kyeong is the only one he love. Without knowing , someone is watching from a far and taking their video. Lee Da Kyeong warned Tae Oh to just sort things out between them and to tell her wife about their relationship and end the marriage . She want him to choose between them two, first thing tomorrow. 

Without Tae Oh knowing , her son Jon Young also saw their kissing scene . He was worried that his dad wont be able to go to baseball camp with him this weekend since his father had someone else to entertain. Last year his father cancel the baseball camp because something came up.

Dr Seul volunteer to fetch Jun Young back to Sun Woo home. She was so shock to see luggage and quickly asking her whose luggage was that, That's when Sun Woo bash her for being two face ! Dr Seul was so shock with her discoveries and still try to defend herself that she already warn Tae Oh about his behavior. But Sun Woo didn't buy it at all.

Sun Woo checked Lee Da Kyeong sosial media account and saw a picture of her happily smiling while holding a hand. She knew that was her husband's hand . Lee Tae Oh came back home drunk that night. Sun Woo went to his son room afterwards and saw the calender her son already mark the date of the baseball camp.
So because of that Sun Woo held back and forget about throwing her husband away from her life for the sake of her only son

The next day, Lee Da Kyeong went to the clinic where Ji Sun Woo work as suggested by her mom who had been the regular patient to Dr Ji Sun Woo. She was not feeling well. Dr Ji Sun Woo take her blood for test and asked her to do urine test and thats when she found out that Lee Da Kyeong is pregnant. Ji Sun Woo play along as if she didnt know that Lee Da Kyeong was her husband scandal. Lee Da Kyeong confessed that she was seeing someone who was married. 
Upon knowing that she was pregnant , Lee Da Kyeong was somehow shocked. She went to Dr Seul who specialize in OBGY and asking for a possibility of abortion. Dr seul quickly went to Dr Ji Sun Woo room afterwards and asked her if she is still strict with the rules at that hospital which wouldnt allowed any abortion. Dr Ji Sun Woo stick to the rules even though she knew that was the chances for her to get rids of her husband seeds that girl carried.
Lee Da Kyeong went home with a sore feeling. She actually already know about her pregnancy because she already tested at home before she went to that clinic.
Jun Young went to Baseball camp with his dad . Dr Sun Woo called him to wish him fun with his father. Without their knowing the camp was also sponsored by MrYeo, Lee Da Kyeong father. Lee Tae Oh was so happy to see him there for some reason . Because that was a chance for him to get close to that very important person and maybe got him to sponsor his film.
Sun Woo went to the bar where Hyun Soo work but she was not there and the girl at the bar said she might be at her boyfriend's place . So Ji Sun Woo went to that place and saw that her boyfriend was abusing her . Sun Woo tried to warn her boyfriend that she might do something so that he will be caught by the authority for abusing her girlfriend Hyun Soo. This was the beginning of his bloody revenge with Ji Sun Woo. But more importantly, Hyun soo was save that night . She brought Hyun Soo to her hospital to treat the cut on her forehead. Sun Woo checked her in a hotel for  a while that day.
Jun Young and his dad went back from the baseball camp. Sun woo saw both of them having a good time. They are having family dinner afterwards and both father and son couldnt stop chattering about the camp. The words Da Kyeong say linger in Sun Woo mind . "He said his relationship are like a mask. He was pretending all along". It really hurt her feeling
Sun Woo try to confront Tae Oh next morning. She asked about him having a relationship with other woman and  to just be truthful admit his wrongdoing and sort things out with that girl, and by doing she might forgive him. But he denied all the way. He still said Sun Woo are the only one in his life. It seem like theres nothing she could do to make him confess. So she planned to ask Dr Seul to tell Tae Oh that moment about Da Kyeong pregnancy and she want to see it for herself how he will react. 
Meanwhile Da Kyeong keep calling and asking if he sort things out with her wife. If he didnt then its better to break up. Tae Oh was so astounded by  the news from Dr Seul about Da Kyeong pregnancy. He quickly left room soon after leaving Sun Woo in disappointment telling her something urgent came up.
Moral of the story for episode 2 :
Man will always tells lies even though the truth is already revealed . Do you agree? 

They can simply just twist the plot for the goodness of both side . Do you agree?

Man can never leave his 1st wife ? truth ? 


Anyeonghaseyo beautiful people. Okay so last time I have write about this drama and a quick introduction about this drama. For those who didnt got a chance to read it I will give the link above .


Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh had been married for more than a decade. She was a doctor and her husband had a film production firm which was fully supported by her. They live in a small town named Gosan which were actually his husband hometown with their beautiful son Jun Young. They were a very happy couple until one day Sun Woo get so suspicious about her husband two timing her . It started when she found a lip gloss inside her husband pocket. But luckily that day her husband come up with an excuse which we can say was kind of relevant 

In the meantime, she went to work as usual and meet with her patient . One of the teenage girl name Hyo Sun came to her for sleeping pill but she refuse to give her that. Another patient who were also a wife to one of the most respectful man in Gosan came to invite her to her house for the drawing exhibition. Her scheduled as always packed with all the activity and stuff regarding her job since she was one of the board director 
Her curiosity grew even bigger when she found a hair which was coloured. Thats definitely not her hair since hers was black. Its kind of freak her out to see all the woman at her neighbourhood area coloured their hair the same way that she thought she was the only one being outdated. She became more suspicious to who actually her husband was dating since everyone had coloured hair . She went to pick up her son Jon Young when she meet a woman name Jang Mi Yun who claimed she was her husband secretary for a year now  which she didnt know about. She was divorced . She told her that her husband went back to home at 5.00 pm everyday but he always show up at home around 7.30 pm. She was worried sick to where her husband actually went for two hours and a half from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm. 

Lee Tae Oh birthday are just around the corner . Jun Young had drawn something for his father's cake. She tried to talk to his husband about the secretary but his husband said its nothing to be talk about as its not even important. She went to her neighbour, a couple who live next door, who were also his husband's friend . This couple Ye Rim and Je Hyuk convince her that her husband is doing just fine and nothing was ever wrong with him. She tried to check his husband handphone when he went to take shower but nothing is ever suspicious . All her husband phone gallery only has their children photo. But then suddenly a massage came in and said " Thank you for visiting , please come again" from unknown number which happen to be a motel. She went there to check first thing in the morning and she became furious even  more.

 She talked about it to one of her colleague who were also his husband friend, Dr Seul. But she also denied and said her husband will not going to do anything like that. Maybe he went there for some other reason. She suspect it was his secretary since she was a divorcee but then Dr Seul convinced her that the secretary would not be the one since she had a heart to tell her about her husban. There were this weird patient who came to get consultation from Dr Sun Woo and he was also a regular. Dr Sun Woo suddenly look at the clock and its already 4.30pm. She planned to stalk her husband this day. She asked Yerim to take his son from school and look after him  So she went to his office and tail along him.. 

He definitely went out at 5.00pm. So she continue her mission when suddenly her husband stop by to buy a cake and flower. Her suspicious grew even bigger . But then while waiting she meet with the girl who ask for sleeping pill arguing with her boyfriend and she asked her to help but she refuse since she is on a mission to tag along her husband. She was so frustrated with herself when he actually went to visit her mother who live at Adult Care Home. She blame herself for being so suspicious about his loyal husband who only go to visit his mom everyday, but when she talked to the nurse there , they said this is his first time visiting since two month ago. She became suspicious again.

One night her husband dress up formally and she asked where he will go and he said he want to go to Mr Yeo house who had held an exhibition whose wife was also her  regular patient. So she want to tag along as she was also invited there. He said she can go but she must behave herself there as he might be one of the potential sponsored since he was a very known and respective man in Gosan. At that exhibition Lee Tae Oh tried to approach Mr Yeo but he was ignored until Dr Sun Woo go and introduce that he was her husband . At that party she also meet with their daughter Yeo Da Kyeong who was so shine and beautiful. Sun Woo was attracted to the type of wine that house serve that night which were the same as the one his husband always brought back. She feel suffocated and take some air when she meet with Hyun Soo , the girl with the sleeping pill who was doing part time there. While they did some chatting she blurted out that he think her husband is cheating on her. Hyun Soo suggest to just leave him but she said marriage is not that easy as we had relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend . So Hyun Soo assume their life are just the same even though Dr Sun Woo had it all.

Sun Woo went through the net to search about the husband cheating topic . What to do if you want to caught husband cheating and all that. Her feeling mix up and she think that anyone can be her husband's scandal. So she went to Hyun Soo and try to bait her with sleeping pill for she want her to spy on her husband this time. So that evening , Hyun Soo tail her husband and caught him cheating with coloured hair girl but she did not got a chance see her face at that time since she was so far away . Sun Woo asked her to take a video or something but it did not work out from afar. Hyun Soo described that girl character to Sun Woo. She only got a chance to take a picture.

That day was the exact same day as Sun woo's husband birthday and there will be throwing a party and invite his husband alumni friend. Sun Woo went to take the cake and fetch her son and try to cover up her sadness by being happy .On the way to the place where they will held the birthday bash, she went to Hyun Soo to give the sleeping pill to her . She asked her to check his car bonnet because there was definitely something there . While arriving at the party , everyone were already gathering there. She hesitated to come out of her car . So look at the crowd through her car window. She checked again the picture Hyun Soo took and saw the car which was actually belong to the girl her husband dated. The was there. She was so furious . 

Ji Sun Woo, checking her husband 2nd phone.

The truth reveal from this photo and make her so frustrated 

So she lied to her husband that she want to check if there was a camera inside her husband car. And that was the time she find out who the hell her husband is dating and who actually play along with it. She found out that her husband got 2nd phone which he keep all the picture and message there. In that bag there were also underwear, condom and other necessity . It turn out that everyone around her who she definitely trust actually trying to cover her husband doing and that she was the only one who didnt know! She was so frustrated. How could they do this to her . All the people she trust betray her! Thats why she failed that day because he definitely had informer which was also her friend Dr Seul. Sun Woo found out from the message she send to him. The girl turn out to be Mr Yeo daughter , Lee Da Kyeong.  Yerim and Je Hyuk, her neighbour and also her husband's friend had been to a trip together with her husband and his scandal. So was the secretary! She caught them from the picture she found inside his husband second phone. There is nobody to trust now as all the people are playing along.... She was totally fooled by them. All the feeling mix up and she lost her mind for quite a few moment.

Lee Da Kyeong family .

Jang Mi Hyun, Lee Tae Oh secretary

Dr Seul, who Sun Woo trust until she knew her true intention. She was two faced kind of person

Yerim and Je Hyuk, couple who live next door and also Tae Oh best friend who also play along and fooled Ji Sun Woo

To be continue ... EPISODE 2 SYNOPSIS
Moral of this episode : 
Sometimes the people we trust the most are definitely the people who will dissapoint us .. Thats life

Dont trust people that easily cos we never know who will stab our back.

Trust is like a mirror . You can fix it if its broken. But u can still see the crack on the reflection-ladygaga.

Frustrated to the point that you feel like losing all your sanity



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