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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Anyeong haseyo beautiful people..
I am currently watching this drama .
The Horse doctor.
Actually the reason i watch this drama is because of him ..

source : soompi
and didnt expect much from it since the tittle itself 
were kind of boring. LOL.
But when it all begin.
It`s unstoppable and getting exited every time..
The man above , Lee Sang Woo 
was not the main character .
I have known him after watching the drama,
Feast of god and 
he was so charming.. :)
He was just the second man in this drama..
He play Song Ha and was a noble man and
the son of one of
the most important person in Joseon
The main character was him..


He is Joo Seung Woo.
This was my first time seeing him on the screen,
and he is quite alright for the character.
I started to developed the love for him
each episode . :)
Will watch more of him.
He play as horse doctor who can also
cure other animal.
So who is the girl of this two handsome man dream ?

source : hancinema
She is that girl :)
Lee Yoo Woon.
She play as a nurse .
and was actually a daughter of a commoner but had 
been switch since birth 
in order to protect the 
son of the honorable doctor from 
being killed..

So whats the story is all about ?
Its about a man , Kwanghyon who were gifted
to be a doctor to animal.
He actually fulfill his biological father`s dream
who were also a doctor 
before he were sentenced to death
for the crime of treason 
which he did not commit..
Since his whole family were all been destroy and stripped
from being a noble ,
he was also in danger because he was a boy.
A commoner who once his father help,
switch him with his own daughter. 
A girl will be a servant while
a boy will be killed instantly.
So both child grown up without knowing their real parent.
the boy grow up as a horse doctor 
while the girl as a nurse.
Both of them had meet while they were child and became friend
but the had been separated by faith.
They meet again when they grow up
but didnt know each other at all.

source : soompi

So how will they discover each other identity?
Well i really hope for a heppy ending.
And the ost for this drama were so beautiful.

so... want to really know the real story..
Please watch and u will never be 
disappointed :)

until then, have a nice day everyone . 


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    1. http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/horse-doctor-episode-1/ kat sini saya selalu tengok :) selamat menonton


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