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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Anyeong haseyo sayang2 sekelian...
Today while still in search for a new perfume to buy,
I came accross this lovely fragrance by
one of the famous Hollywood couple.
Chloe and Lamar... Unbreakable

What so special about this fragrance is that its unisex and 
can be wear by both man and woman..
So kalao sapa-sapa yang memang selalu ekot 
rancangan reality Tv keluarga Kardashian mesti
tak asing dah dengan muka dua orang pasanagan 
suami isteri yang romantik ini.
Actually perfume ni dah lama dh di launch kan 
iaitu pada Valentine tahun 2011
dan merupakan perfume gabungan mereka berdua yang pertama.. 

The content of Unbreakable by Chloe and Lamar

Top Notes : Saffron , Bergamot, Clementine, Granny Smith Apple.
Middle Notes : Jasmine , Geranium , Lily Of the Valley, Red Berries.
Base Note : Virginia Cedar, Tonka Bean, Vanila , Mexican Chocolate

Wah... pening-pening.. kalo habaq mcam ni ja mesti tak dapat gambaran kan ??
so jom kita tengok apa kata mereka yang pernah guna perfume ini. :)

"this is good juice. it is a compliment getter. i get florals in the background but not a strong feminine type (dont be scared). this is very well blended. opens up masculine but then starts transitioning to unisex as time goes by. i absolutely do not get chocolate from this but it is sweet. who ever said this is a gourmand is stupid. this is not a gourmand in any way. please do not be mislead. im surprised as to how cheap it is in such short time but if given the opportunity i would say buy it you have nothing to lose for the price"

"Unbreakable by Khloe & Lamar is beautiful and really excided my expectation! I love the opening of fresh cedar and crisp apple with subtle sweetness from the chocolate and red berries. Warm vanilla and tonka bean in the dry down with a touch of bergamot and Clementine. I remember watching the episode of Khloe & Lamar where they were deciding on fragrances and picking out the bottle design. It was worth the struggle – great job! "
"It smells beautiful! As soon as i sprayed i could smell the apples, berries, citrus,& a tad of the floral notes. It very fresh but it has some warmth to it too, almost like taking a warm steamy shower. After an hour or so the berries, citrus and the floral notes fade, but the apples note stays to give this fragrance a crisp feel. Then the chocolate, tonka bean and vanilla notes come along helping it become more of a gourmand. Imagine a caramel covered crisp apple, with drizzled chocolate over it. Sweet, but fresh with a sexy feel to it. It's not too feminine or too masculine. It's just right,the lasting power is impressive, and trust me if you wear this you'll be getting compliments. Totally a chick/boy magnet. I give it a 10/10 simply because this fragrance is in it's own range, it's well made from the scent to the packaging & longevity is impressive for being a EDT. Good Job Khloe &" Lamar!
I absolutely going to buy this and wear it with
the person i love one day
so that our smell will blend in together :)
Auw.... very sooo sweet...

Sources : www.fragrantica.com/

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