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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo beautiful people...
How`s life... Mine was just so so...
On 18 of December 2012.. my company organize a small early Christmas celebration...
at Japanese Cuisine Restaurant , Pann Kitchen..
which situated at Jalan Gangsa Alor Setar...

This restaurant was selected specially by our Miss Lee ( the company owner daughter) 
Who just loveeeee to treat us with a very very delicious food since she 
Love to eat , Just like me ..
This restaurent was newly open by Chinese woman who had once work at Japanese cuisine restaurant 
in UK. With her experience there she manage to open a restaurant here..
This is what i heard from Miss Lee anyway .. LOL.
This are the people who anxiously waiting for the food to arrive..
We all already order all the main course and side dish in advance so when we arrive the waiter only take order for beverages...

The Ginger Bread Man.. 

a very cute Christmas tree on our table... :)
This is lychee Green Tea .. taste so refreshing and help me so much that day .. LOL

This one is my favorite site dish,,, so yummy... :)

salad with raw fish inside,,, mouth watering... 

Sushi!! cant get enough with this one... :)

The fish with a lot of eggs.. I bite a lil and have Kak Nurul to finish it.. 

Sashimi... all raw! regrets not trying all of it .. I only try small pieces but end up pulling in  inside with my Lychee Green tea.. LOL
This is my main course for that day... Tempura Set... but regret ordering this one.. @_@

This one really didnt suite my taste but its kind of cute...

The tempura ( prawn and vege)

Salmon teriyaki , kak nurul`s main course,,,
dessert ,,,, a very yummy brownies and vanila ice cream,,,specially made for us,,, 
me and kakak Nurul... :) i am so FAT ...

All the CNY flower .. :) 

The Man ... :)
This is the gift for that night lucky draw.. 
Ryan got my gift... The save can..

and i got a gift from Abg Izat ... :)
 Everyone with the gift received!
showing of what each of us got... did u see mine?.. :)

The day end so fast,, it was such a great2 party i guess .. i had a lot of laugh with each others , and we are making a havoc out of the place .
I thought nobody was there .
When we are on our way back .. people were looking...
I think inside their mind they might say..
"From where this bunch if noisy people came from ?"
But i am soooo heppy..
when home so happily and regrets not eating some of the dish.. :)
 will sure come back to Pann kitchen someday..

Until then....


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