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Monday, 3 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo beautiful people :)
Hows life ?? Mine was good.. :)

In the mids of stress over the ISO which is held tommorow , suddenly my superior told all of us that they will treat us for lunch..
Courtesy of our friend who was born today...
Thanxx Ninie for being born today and let us all eat :)
We are all so bored with the food at our area so our superior decided to take us to Alor Setar ..
and we were so happy on top of the world...
The journey was almost an hour .
When we arrived another car already arrived.. 
All of us including our superior were 12 person ...

This is the restaurent that we went today DD thai ..
The owner was  a chinese but the chef was from Thai.. :)

and this restaurent is of course HALAL.. :)
So all muslim can come and eat here .. 

here are some of the delicious delicious menu... :)
the price are quite reasonable ...

i was snapping the picture and she was moving making the her face kinda blurry..

oh noo.. Mr Goh was being blurry too..
The girl with glasses ,, She is Ninie :)
Passion fruit juice ,,, so refreshing.. :)

tada,,,,, the food arrive,,, all of them was sooooooo mouth watering..
I am eating as much as my belly can take ... LOL....

Lastly after stuffing ourself,,, 
The fruit come as a desert... :) 
So reviving..... 

So we went back to office and arrive around 3,,,
If there is another lovely days like this come again... 
that would be so great... 

Sorry the quality of the picture not so good since i am using my old phone.
But the memory captured is the most important rite ??

until then..
Thanxxx for stopping by...
sarang hae all of u readers

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