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Thursday, 27 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo everyone!
Yesterday, while working on Christmas Holiday... 
I came across a video entitle HIGHWAY OF TEARS.
It was a 48 hour documentary..

So where were this so called Highway of tears situated ???

Picture resource from superstock.com
So this is how the Highway looks like.
scary huh?? i wouldnt dare driving along that kind of highway alone... NEVER.
Its in British Columbia Canada...
The original name of this highway were Highway 16,
but since there were many young woman disappeared and found dead along this
highway and bring the tears to all the family of the victim..
It is then had became The Highway of tears....
This highway stretched along 800 km between Prince George and Prince Rupert , British Columbia.
And as you can see , the highway was surrounded  with a very thick forest with a pine wood so its 
kind of hard for the authorized people to search for the victim and an easy place for the killer 
to do their job since the area was an isolated area .
see ? they even put a banner to strictly forbid GIRLS to hitchhike at that place.
Because when something happen to the girls.
There is nobody to help.. 

Since when did this occured???

Its all started about 4 decade ago . To be exact 1969 until the last victim on 2011
and the number of the victim was more 20 according to the police report lodge .
But they believe that the real victim of the Highway of Tear was more than we could imagine.
Probably around 40 to 50 which were not discovered.

The victim

1. Gloria Moody 

She was Killed in William lake (1969)

2. Micheline Pare 

She was killed in Hudson Hope (1970)

3. Gale Weys

She was killed in Clear Water (1973)

4. Pamela Darlington

She was killed in Kamloop (1973)

5. Monica Ignas 
She was killed in Terrace (1974)

6. Collen Mac Millan
She was killed in One hundred Mile house (1974)

7. Monica Jack

She was killed in Merritt (1978)

8. Maureen Mosie 

Her battered body was found beside a road near Kamloop (1981)

9. Shelley Ann Bascu
went Missing in Hinton , Alberta 1983

10. Alberta Williams

was killed in Prince Rupert (1989)

11. Delphine Nikal 

Missing near Smithers (1990)

12. Ramona Wilsons

her dead body was found in Smithers (1995)

13. Roxanne Thiara

Was killed in Burn Lake (1994)

14. Alishia Germaine

Was killed in Prince George (1994)

15. Lana Derrick 

Missing and was last seen at Service station in Thornhill (1995)

16. Nicole Hoar 

Missing in Prince George (2002)

17. Tamara Chipman

Last seen in Prince Rupert , while hitchhiking east on highway 16 (2005)

18. Aielah Saric Auger 

killed in Prince George (2006)

19. Lauren Donn Leslie

Killed at Vanderhoof . Her killer was 21 years old Cody Legebokoff (2010)

20. Maddison Scott 

Went missing after camping. She was having a party with her friend at that time and her friend left her to camp alone by lake .

Oh, poor little girl and woman.. How could those creature done that kind of thing to them and how heart broken the parents of all the victim might feel..

So who were this damn Killer that ????

They are many different killer that involved in this case . 
Of all 20 woman , only two killer was discover .

1. Bobby Jack Fowler 

He was American man , who was a rapist, kidnappers, arsonist , alcoholic and who drift from state to state up to Canada, working as a roofer. 
His terrible action was discover when the Investigation Unit decided to try to test the DNA that 
was found with the body of Colleen Mac Millen by using the advanced 
technology that allow them to run the profile with INTERPOL (the international organization which connects police forces from 190 countries, allowing them to cooperate on investigations)
Others murder that were strongly linking with him were Pamela Darlington and Gale Weys.
He was arrested in 1995 and died in 2006 at the age of 66. 
The investigator believe that he was not the main killer of this case since
there were many other woman murder and missing before his appearance there.
And after he died the number of the woman died at the highway of tears added.

2.  Cody Legebokoff 

He was found guilty for murdering , Lauren Donn Leslie , who he met online . He was also connected 
to the murder of three other victim (prostitute) who were not in the list above. He was 21 years old.
He was not yet sentence and will face his trial in 2013... He was somehow not connected to the missing and murdering the girls after Bobby`s death.. So who was the person involved ? 
The investigator still dont have any clue yet 
and still working on it.
So , the killer is still rooting somewhere and maybe waiting for another chance to
do what they love to do..

So what do u guys think ? 
I was having a bad dream last night after writing about this,
Maybe just my feeling since i am writing about dead people .. LOL

Until then...
Thanxx for reading !!
You guys rock!

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