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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo!
Today was the day of the surveillance audit at my company which i am taking part in documenting the document and other stuff related.
When i heard that White man will come to audit us , i was so shock..
But i was not the only person to feel shock here!
My superior feel the same way... 
We prepared everything even i made a small notes like taking an exam.
Because we donno what style did that person would be..
We even check our document twice !

While waiting for him to come today..
Butterflies are all over my belly..
I was so nervous!
I donno what to do ... 
He went site visit first and arrive at our office around 11.00 am ..
My heart started to race so fast when suddenly my superior send a message that they are on their way.. 
Finally that person arrive...
After sitting for a while in front of him..
I conclude that he was actually a nice person and have a great sense of humor ..
And he love to talk a lot..
He had quite a big nose , LOL.. which is i think 3 times mine,,
Also he takes all of our excuses my superior give with a very understandable nods.. :)
We are discussing more about other stuff rather than our documented stuff.. LOL
But thats a bonus for us since he talk a lot.. just to kill time..
I was like silent all the time...
The only words that came out of my lips are 'yes' , 'no' and 'i donno'.
LOL.. seem like all the words stuck at my throat!
I was just smilling ever sweetly..
Maybe he though i donno english.
Actually he was speaking with a Brittish accent so i had to focus so much on what he blurt out...
At lunch time we order pizza.. and he ate 5 pieces,. 
I ate 3,, LOL...
the checking stuff end at 2.30 pm..
And he excuse himself because he want to take a nap because he had been up at 4.00 am today since his flight was at 6.30 am..
His body might wear out i guess,,
But lucky for us that everything end well..

And finally the real independence day for me arrive... :)
i am so heppy...
and here is a few pic of that person with my superior
while they visited site..
(P.s: I didnt get a chance to take a pic with him tho`)

Anyway ,,, thanxx for reading!
Sarang hae!


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