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Friday, 7 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo everyone!!!
how is your life ?
Today i would really2 glad to share a pic of me and my dongsaeng which we take it at someone Paddy field which is situated not so near to our house . :)

We are resting on a small bridge at a very small river which are very2 shallow..
feels so good while playing with this water!
the view of my face like this is quite lovely rite.. LOL
sorry,, i donno y but i cant rotate this pic.:)
the paddy was so green,, :) mesmerizing!
what a face... 
the back scene is so beautiful rite.. :)
I wonder y the person at the front making a face like that while we give a cute pose?
both of this is my sis!
the lonely road...

i am so heppy being here..

this is lovely... :)


the journey sooo far..

Looking up to the sky..

yay,,, the paddy is growing..

caught in the middle

cry me a river,,, 

well well... thanxx for taking your precious time to view this ...
I am going to take off now ..
and see you again in my next post..
Until then ?
Have a great day!
Sarang hae!

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