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Saturday, 22 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo everyone!

Today is 22 Dec 2012 and we are still alive and kicking.
The Mayan calender that says the world end on 21 Dec 2012 is not true after all.
I wake up yesterday morning and looking for the sun if it rise from The west .. LOL..
Thats funny tho even i dont really believe but still counter check
But then while surfing through the net, 
I found and article about the new found Mayan Calender ,
7000 years ahead.. 
read here 

So lucky for us it didn`t end yesterday..
How greatful that there is so much time left for us to do what we supposed to do 
and to fix what we supposed to fix.

So who the hell were this Mayan people that making the creep out of us????
To find out more about Mayan People...
Please watch this video and get to know them better..
Because there were good and bad things about them..
Well for me i think the good thing about them is their technology at that time 
(written language, art, architecture, mathematical and Astronomy)
The bad things about them are ,
They believe in some kind of god like , rain god , water god and something like that 
and sacrified their people to their god.
Even small children age below 8 had been sacrified for their god since that god prefer children more than adult.This is according to National Geographic Finding while they dive in one 
of the sacred well underwater.
Not even this , they also sacrified people to impress other nation when they play a sport or something like that.. They perform ritual a LOT..
And they even had a special place for ritual . What a life.
There are more secret of this Mayan people that we the new Generation should dig and dig.
So that we will not make a chaos out of something that we did not conform.
The Mayan are not to blame for the predicted date .
Its just that us did not find out sooner about the real purpose of the calender that end on 
21 Dec 2012.
But thanxx for the Spanish invasion that had ruin most of the Mayan script.
Even so they manage to sneak out a few book that had been kept in the secret library where no one knows except for the people involve....
All i Could say is that The Mayan People are rich many uncover thing that we us people to find out...
I have been really interested in this Mayan thing since i saw one of the Documentary about them...
Such people did exist...
Impressive huh..well... to learn more,, 
Watch the video that i had link below..
The documentary take about an hour but
i watch it without a blink as the time goes by....

and there are lots and lots of the Video about them that u guys can find...
for your own preference ... 

Until then... History is the most precious thing of a Man kind ,
Do u agree???

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