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Monday, 22 April 2013


Anyeong haseyo beautiful people.
Did u like to drink Energy drink ?
I drink it when i want to do heavy work.
Like when i need more energy
for any occasion .
My choice are 

Pearl Kacip Fatimah  

and Red bull
(This one was suggested by My chocolate Man)

One day while drinking my energy drink.
one of the site uncle tell me that
this energy drink are not good for your health
because it contain a lot of sugar.
At first i thought this uncle just 
being "Mr Know everything".
But then when i went to super market 
to check myself and compare 
with Coke and other soft drink
that we all know contain loads of sugar,
The quantity are almost the same.
Except for the  100 plus . 

which contain less sugar than all
other drink whether it pack
in a tin or a bottle.
Drink like Minute Maid
are also in the list of a drink
that contain lots of sugar.

I thought when i avoid 
drink like Coca Cola, Pepsi and stuff like that,
had made me free from Diabetes.
but now i realize i should 
be more careful when choosing the drink
that i consume.

So next time when you go to shop your 
favorite flavor drink, 
make sure to check the sugar :)

P.s : But of course its ok to consume it once in a while for your craving satisfaction ^_^


  1. mineral water still my 1st choice even sya memang perlukan tenaga.. T__T

    1. yg tu pilihan yang paling best. utk sepanjang hayat :)

  2. but too much is not good occay dear? ^_^ I drink Pearl Kacip Fatimah too... tapi try to limit it... ^_^

    1. yep dear. now i had began to be more careful about what i consume ^_^ for better life

  3. kdg2 xperasan pun. asal sedap minum je kan kak? hehe.
    tp yana lg suka minum 100 plus bila penat, rasa bertenaga sikit :)

    1. 100 plus memang bagus pon. time demam pon elok minum jugak :)

  4. tak pernah minum yg redbull & kacip fatimah. heheh, kalau 100 plus selalu gak. :)

    1. kedua2 air tu sedap cuma xleh minum kerap sgt :)


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