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Monday, 3 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo everyone!
well well...
As always Sunday is alwayS Sunday..
The hectic day that time running so fast i cant even breath!
and here i am writing a report at the end of the Sunday well should i say monday? LOL....
The day started as always but i will skip the part that i already blab about before 
Which to anyone who never ever knew the story about my Sunday routine..
read here yo sunday!
for this lovely lovely sunday.. i prepared nasik ayam for the whole family..
(P.s : I am the person who take care of kitchen matter during the weekend )

tada,,, this is the nasik ayam that i cook todayy..
so yummy yummy yummy...
so after having our lunch..
Me ,my omma and my sister ready ourself to go to the herbs farm .. :)
my omma want to get some herbs to plant at home . 
That herbs called Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon Stamineus)
well well..This is the banner !
Unluckily when we reach that place its already 4.45 pm and its closed at 5.00pm.
Since we havent been to this place before we were not aware of the closing time...
The place was situated at Batu Pahat Area
before reaching Bukit Ayer .. 
You might get the idea if u had been in Perlis before.
So .. we had to go there again some other time.
But before we head back home...
What do u think i would do??
well this is it..
snap snap and snap
The innocence face of me....:)

found this cute lil lilac flower which i dont even know its name.. 
(@_*) wink wink.. donno when will i get rid of those FAT


thats all..
after that we take of to other place and have some fun.. 
(Just the ordinary mart, LOL)

To herbs farm, we will come back LATER
Until then ... 
Gud bye and thanxxx for reading!!
sarang hae


  1. aww that's too bad the farm was closed.
    the food you prepared looks so yummy, though. ;)

    1. yea,, its one of the delicious dishes in my country. it called chicken rice in english.. if u try u will love it totally... will go back to that farm some other time and will update later.. :)

  2. aq dan kak anis ber..kareokey semasa kak lia di situ....


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