Sweet pea.

Sweet pea.
That day , I still cant decide what u should call me , whether its mommy or mama ..
I went window shopping to see what i should buy u ..
Even tho its too early yet i was so exited ..  
I still remember that day i was thinking about whose face u will take ,
whether its me or your daddy .
I was so exited for your birth which is in September .
I was hoping you would be a girl while daddy think you are a boy.
But we never care whats your gender as long as you are healthy and safe.
The time was running so slow that day i was so eager to wait for u to grow .
But then when its happen , it seem like we never had a chance to meet u at all.
All our hopes and dreams shattered in a days ..
What else should we feel other that heart broken.
The apple of our heart is gone and we still can believe its true.
How to hold back this tears when all we could do is cry and cry our heart out ..

Sweet pea..
You are our first experience ..
With you i was blessed to be  a mom.
Even one day i have another , i will still remember you.
Because from u we learn to be better .
We learn the price of losing something as precious as you.
Yes you are so precious to us for we had wait to have you for way too long.
But we should accept the fact that you are gone .
I thanks god for giving me a chance to be with you even for just a lil while.

Sweet pea,
Mommy and daddy love u so much 

Lieya Von Jay
6 Feb 2019

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