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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


HEllo. Hello... Anyeong haseyoo....
whats up everyone... 
Now let me take you to the mesmerizing place that will make your mind free and ease...
This is one of the greatest place of all the greatest place in this whole wide world..
Lets get it started...
Here is the Melissani Cave, Greece..
Hearing the name of the country just remind me of the Fairy tale 
(Even tho` most of the fairy tale came from Germany)
Look at the picture below...
fabulous,marvellous,mind blowing, extravagant,outrageous...

Mesoulini is a cave located on the island of Kafelonia..
Forest surrounds the cave and the mountain slope is to the west.
Mellisani was the cave of the nymph(according to Greek methodology)
This spectacular cave was lost for centuries but had been discovered in 1951.
Thanx to Mr Gianis Petrocheilos.

the information and photo credit to :
Dream Vacation (google+) and wikipedia

thanxx for reading!!


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