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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Anyeong Haseyo... 
Hello everyone....
See the tittle ??
My answer would be V.C Andrews
She was my all time favorite author.
The first novel that i read was `Runaway`
and I felt in love since then....
I was a bookworm when i am in High School.
I read the very2 thick book only two days.
Because at that time internet was not so easy to get(have to go to cyber cafe)
Beside there is nothing much to do.
So thats the only thing that make me happy.
Read a book and fly a fantasies with the character..

V.C Andrews was American Novelist, who was born in Portsmouth, Virginia.
She was a novelist who wrote a novel about Family and Gothic side of a person.
She died at the age of 63 (1986)

What is so special about her novel that i like so much ??
Its of course its content, the story line, the suspend and everything...
You will not getting bored at all.
Its flow around the deepest side of the character.
Something that people will never told us about.
I mean if that happen in real life.
We will not tell people cos its the deepest secret of ourselves or our family..
Sometimes if u read the book you will find the similarity in your own life.
And she had manage to tell the story well.
And the language that she used is very easy to understand.
Even the beginner who want to try to read english novel will adapt to it..
I donno how she got the idea to write such story but it really inspire me in so many ways.
Just to know that there is a possibilities of people who really suffer the same.
I have grown to appreciated my own life better than anything..
I have never read any book that tell the same story line as this one.
Maybe its exist and i didnt have a chance to read it.
Since i am not a book worm anymore. :)

I have tried many book store all over the to search for the book but its fail.
The only place that i can get the book is ebay but price is too high .
(the book price was somewhat cheap but the courier cost was expensive as it was from the USA)
But i did manage to buy
I try searching and searching then i found it at www.4shared.com/,
i donno if the file are still there but when i tried today are not there anymore :(

Here is the list of her novel which most of them i didnt get a chance to read it anyway.. :(

The Dollanganger series

Flowers in the Attics 
Petal of the wind
If there be thorns
Seed of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows

Stand alone works

Gods of Green Mountain
My Sweet Audrina( I have this!)

The Casteel series

Dark Angel
Fallen Hearts
Gates of Paradise
Web of  Dream

The Cutler series

Secret of the Morning
Twilight`s Child
Midnight Whispers
Darkest Hour

The Landry series

Ruby (read it but didnt have a chance to finish it)
Pearl in the Mist
All the Glitters
Hidden Jewel
Tarnish Gold

The Logan series

Hard Song
Unfinished symphony
Musid in the night

The Orphans series


Oh my... and many others which i cant name them all. because they are too many.. i hope u guys try to read and feel it yourself.....

Thanxx for reading!!!

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