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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Anyeong haseyo people ... :)
You might wonder who the heck is Winter Wallace,
Did u know ?? yes ? no ??
Well well .. I also dont really know that much. 
But Winter Wallace is the name of the girl 
and the guys are joining her and became the Winter Wallace band
from Texas USA
So how did i came across this band?
I listen to jango somewhere back then and 
their song playing randomly on my list .
(Jango suggest music that suite your taste )
and after listening i totally fall for this band....
They are not as popular as other well known band but 
i recognized their talent and people should listen to them more.. :)
For now they are more like indie band.
Hoping that they will grew their popularity soon.
If you are curious about them ,
listen to them here :)
and you will understand why i like them 
(p.s: only if your music taste are same as mine . lol)
The pieces of them that i like :

thats all for now ! 
Gud bye!


  1. Replies
    1. ada limit hrga tak utk barang yang nak di sponsor tu?

    2. saya sponsor eyeliner . 2 pcs

    3. boleh jer...kena buat apa yer..pm kt FB bleh...


  2. HI Lieya! This is Winter Wallace. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this about my band. that is so nice of you! I wasn't sure what language it is that you speak, so I didn't understand some of your blog but it seems really cool. :) Are you guys from Korea? Very cool. Hope you keep up your blog and your excellent taste in music. ;)



    1. oh my GOd , is this really u ? i read this message with my jaws wide open. i was so shock that u read what i wrote here. :) can i scream??? aaarrgghhh!!! cant believe it.. thanxx for stopping by here.. actually i am not korean. I am from malaysia and the language that i write here which u don`t understand is malay language . Korea is just a country that i like and thats y u see some of the words here . LOL. well winter, i really love your music. please keep on composing the music and i am hoping one day u will succeed cos u got that talent..good luck!:)


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