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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Anyeong haseyo pretty people..
Today i would like to write a synopsis  for
Korean drama The Heirs,episode 1 which i watch recently... 
I will tell the story using the picture which i snapshot 
while watching this drama ^_^
Kim Tan(Lee Min Ho) was having fun with his foreign friend in foreign land. 
He love surfing with his friends since he was alone 
without any blood relatives in LA, USA.

He was send to USA by his older brother, Kim Won 3 years ago.
Kim Won and Kim Tan was half brother.
Both of them are the son's of Jeguk Group chairman and founder.
Kim Won's mother was their father 1st wife
while Kim Tan's mother was their father's mistresses .
His mother cannot be their father legitimate wife since the 2nd wife 
who cannot bore a child did not want to divorce 
So Kim Tan was illegitimate son but in family register
he was a son of the 2nd wife

Cha Eun Sang(Park Shin Hye). 
She work partime to earn for her family.
She was amazed by a dream catcher which she believe will
fulfill her dream 

Young Do is the Heir for Rex hotel.
He was Kim Tan's childhood friend .
He was famous for bullying others.

Cha Eun Sang and Chan Young was best friend since they are small.
He was the person she can rely to when she had problem
or even difficulties.
Chan Young's father work for Jeguk Group.

Park Hae Nam was Cha Eun Sang mother.
She was mute and she work as maid at Jeguk Group house.
since she was mute, she communicate with the house madam
using a note book and a pen.
The house madam was Kim Tan's mother.

Cha Eun Sang was so upset with her mother 
since she always bring home leftover food from her master's house.
She feel their life were such a pity for eating the
food the others don't want and hope that her mother will not going 
to bring them home again. 
Her mother asked her to bank in the money for her sister
who study in the USA because she want to get married.
Her sister had runaway from home a few years back.
According to her sister she went to USA to study
Since then they live miserably .

Cha Eun Sang was a very hardworking girl,
who always do the part time job.
She want to go to USA herself to send the money to her sister 
and planning to leave Korea for good.
She want to be with her sister and live a better life there.

Cha Eun Sang is very sad for leaving her mother alone.
She cried so much upon seeing her
mother notebook which was written at her mother's master house.
But she had to go there in order to achieve her dream
and even achieve her life with her mother.
She is planning to earn more money there.
She is packing her stuff and will be leaving tommorrow.

In the meantime, Rachel Yoo and Young Do will become family,
since her mother and his father will get married.
Both of them didnt like the idea of their marriage .
Rachel Yoo was Kim Tan's fiancee .
She will fly to USA to meet him for their engagement anniversary.
Kim Tan didn't care about her that much .
He likes to go surfing rather than meeting her 
and not feeling excited at all even his fiancee came to pay a visit..

Cha Eun Sang finally reach LA, USA.
While waiting for her taxi, she saw the arrogant Rachel 
who was talking on the phone.
Rachel came to her because Eun Sang seem to laugh at her.
She want to pick a fight but Eun Sang pretend that she was 
a Japanese girl but later she got caught.
But nothing serious happen because Rachel just take off.

Eun Sang started to walk and search for her sister's home.
She end up looking at the beach full of bikinis girl.
At the exact same time, Kim Tan was there too.
But they did not meet as yet ^_^

Eun Sang finally found the house her sister stay.
She excitedly ringing the bell when suddenly a Caucasian couple appear.
Later she found out that guy was her sister's boyfriend
and he is cheating on her!
She went inside the house and see the thing she never expected.
Her sister's house was such a mess and her sister lie to her.
She is not getting married and she is not a student.
All her dream shattered in an instance.
She went there for nothing even though she found out something big.

 Cha Eun Sang went to her sister's workplace as told by 
her sister's boyfriend.
Eun Sang saw her sister flirting with guys there
and guys are trying to hook her up.
Thats make Eun Sang burst into tears .
She can't believe her sister would do such thing 
and pity her mother for always sacrifice herself to give money to her
all this time.

Her sister was so shock to see Eun Sang there.
Despite being so shame to Eun Sang,
her sister rummaging her luggage to find the money
and she got what she want and run away from her.
The money she took was all the money their mother 
had save all this time.
Eun Sang was crying like crazy but she cannot run to get her
since the thing inside her luggage was all over the road.
At the same time, Kim Tan was there too.
He was a regular at that place.
He witnessed everything happen between those two.

 Kim Tan pity her so much his eyes watered.
His foreign friend suddenly came to him at that time.
After his foreign friend saw Eun Sang she went to her.
He thought Eun Sang brought drug inside her luggage .
He steal the pack which he thought was drug 
but it was actually a bean powder.
That bean powder pack finally ripped and smear all across his face.
He then choke and have to go to Emergency Room.
 The Doctor told Kim Tan and Eun Sang that 
his friend was okey and will take time to recover.
Meanwhile police officer meet with Eun Sang 
and take her passport in advance and will
give them back to her after finish investigating.
Kim Tan send Eun Sang to her sister house as instructed by her.
He then left her there alone.
Her sister was not there and he waited outside for a while,
when she finally decided to go to somewhere else.
While she was walking , Kim Tan appear again in front of her...

To be continue.........


  1. hahaha...camni sally tak payah tgk laa...

    1. wajib tengok sebab lee min ho hensem sangat!!!

    2. mata I nampak Jung Yong Hwa je...tiada yg lain :P

  2. hukhukhuk tak layan lagi drama ni...best x? best x? hihi

  3. lee min ho ! kenapa hensem sangat ! haihh


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